Matthew 10:37
If you love your father or mother
more than you love me,
you are not worthy of being mine;
or if you love your
son or daughter more than me,
you are not worthy of being mine.

Matthew 20:37 never implies that God wants us to hate our fathers, mothers, sons or daughters. The verse simply says that to be worthy of God, you've got to love Him more than you love your family. This also doesn't imply that your family shouldn't be important to you. To be worthy of God, He must be more important than your family to you. There's really no comparison when you get down to it because nothing can be compared to the King of Kings. Our supreme Creator deserves supreme reverence, obedience and love. Loving anything or anyone more than those that love you the most (or vice versa) can understandably be difficult to fathom, but if the faithful could truly put God above all other things, imagine how He would pour blessings upon those faithful believer's lives, families, desires and dreams. The sequence is simple: God first, family second.

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Krizia said...


Ronald(Bong) said...

AMEN! Other people says that: " Love your God just as you love your family". Well I think you should love God more because He is the one who gave us the blessings. GOD BLESS!

kcaparas said...

God bless!